Harrison and Rex-box

This book is a work of fiction. People, places, events and situations are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events, is purely coincidental.

© 2008 Daniel Roberts. All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1

     Today was no normal Saturday morning in the Hobbs household.
     Kelly Hobbs, a sixteen-year-old with shoulder-length, blonde hair, paced the kitchen floor.       She had just finished making breakfast for her seventeen-year-old sister, their father and herself.
    There was nothing more prestigious for a girl at Sea City High School than to be on the varsity cheerleading squad… and for Kelly Hobbs, there was nothing she wanted more. Her older sister, Kristen, was already captain of the squad.
    Kelly knew the other four members very well. One of them was even her best friend, Cynthia Davenport.
     Cynthia had just learned she had become a member. Now there was just one more spot left open on the team.
     Kelly was anxious for the call from the cheerleaders’ advisor, Elisabeth Clark, to find out if she was the one who was going to fill it. ‘My tryout went well,’ thought Kelly. ‘All I can do now is wait for Ms. Clark’s call.’
    “Relax,” said Kristen as she came in the kitchen door, trying to reassure Kelly. “You’ll make the team.”
    “I hope so,” replied Kelly, grabbing a piece of warm toast and nibbling on it.
   “Why don’t you join us after practice?” Kristen asked as she drank some orange juice. “We’re going to discuss the hijackings.”
    That was another reason Kelly wanted on the cheerleading team. She was already a member of the Pep Squad Mystery Club, a group formed by the current cheerleaders to solve mysteries in Sea City. They had solved several major crimes. The current case that was baffling the city police was a number of truck hijackings that had taken place over the past couple of weeks.
    “What about the hijacks?” said a voice behind them. There stood Nathan Hobbs, Kristen and Kelly’s father. Nathan was top police detective at the Sea City Police Department.
    Pickles, the Hobbs’ pet cat, jumped onto the kitchen table next to Kelly. “It’s a big topic with our Pep Squad Mystery Club,” she said as she stroked the cat’s fur.
    “You know I don't like this Pep Squad Mystery Club business,” said their father with a frown. “I don’t want you girls and your friends trying to solve mysteries. It’s too dangerous.”
    “We know, Dad,” groaned Kristen. The fact she was the leader of the club also annoyed their father.
    “How is the case going?” asked Kelly, pouring herself a glass of milk. “Have you got any leads yet?”
    “I’m afraid there aren’t many clues,” said Nathan, laying the morning newspaper on the table. “Just what’s in the paper.”
     Kristen poured the cat a large saucer of milk and placed it on the table. “I think this is what you want, Pickles,” said the older Hobbs sister, rubbing the cat’s head.
    “I can’t stay long for breakfast,” said Nathan, swallowing a cup of coffee and grabbing a slice of toast as he headed for the door. “I’m running late as usual.”
Kristen picked up the newspaper. The bold headlines read:
     The older Hobbs sister looked over the article.
   “Love you girls,” said their father as he started to step out the door. “Just stay out of trouble.”
    “Yes, Dad,” the two sisters said in unison.
    “And NO ‘PEP SQUAD MYSTERY CLUBBING’!” he said as he departed.
   “Yes, Dad,” Kristen and Kelly said in unison again. They then looked at each other and smiled.
    Kristen and Kelly’s mother had died when they were very young. Since then, it had been just their father taking care of them . . . and vice versa.
     “The only thing the newspaper mentions is about the victims seeing a dusty green car at the scene of the crime,” said Kristen.
     “So all we have to do is find a dusty green car,” said Kelly, drinking her glass of milk.
   “And how many of them are driving around out there?” sighed Kristen. “Two or three hundred?”
    “It’s still a clue,” said Kelly.
    “True,” agreed Kristen, “and we’ll need all we can get if we expect to solve this mystery.
    “I’ve got to go, Sis,” said Kristen, getting up from the table. “I’m going to late for practice.”
    Kelly had momentarily forgotten her concerns about getting on the cheerleading team.
    Kristen gave Kelly a big hug. “Don’t worry,” she reassured her sister with a big smile as she headed out the door. “You’ll make it.”